Back on the Horse

14:31 - Another February, another Fashion Week. I won’t go into the details, but suffice to say this is the most lucrative semi-annual event on the NYC stage electrician’s calendar, and even after moving out of the city, it STILL makes financial sense to couch surf for a week of decent cash.

Unfortunately, it’s not the greatest environment for coding, so now I’m back I have a little bit of catch up to play. Today I started with a small contribution to our Rummikub project. It’s just a small generator class for the tokens used in game-play, but its simplicity lends itself very well to a few concepts I’m trying to integrate into my own coding practices:

  1. document as you go
  2. Test Driven Development
  3. refactor as you go (technically part of TDD)

All of these practices force me to slow down, and once I get past the initial frustration of slowing down, makes coding a more meditative, purposeful practice. I’d much rather build these habits while I’m still kind of slow anyway, so they can gather speed at the same time as, well, everything else I’m trying to learn!

I think I will also take an hour or two this afternoon to dive deep into Sublime Text and start implementing a few more of its special features.

Written on February 7, 2016