Career Coaching - First Session

11:48 - Just got home from my first session with my career coach. It was a nice “getting to know you” sort of session. I think this is going to work out pretty well. It’s nice to have someone who at least has a broad idea of what my path could be to help me get in front of potential employers.

My thoughts right out of the gate:

  1. I’m pretty good at talking to people once I get in front of them. I feel less confident about presenting myself on paper and getting in front of them in the first place.
  2. Apparently my resume looks good! As far as content, I’m rather confident that prospective employers might have trouble translating it to applicable qualifications. That’s on the docket for next time.
  3. Never thought about creating a logo for myself. Maybe something like AshleyMichal.web_developer(). Dorky?
  4. By next session I’d like to have completed the Ruby portion of The Odin Project and be somewhere inside the Rails section.

Unfortunately being gone for three weeks, I feel like I need to play a little catch up. I took another look at my Hangman game and I just feel like I need to go other the material again. I /think/ I know the steps, but I’m not 100% certain of the implementation. Also my functions and classes keep getting all confused. I just want it to be clean! What was that note about coercing..?

Written on September 25, 2015