20:48 - Today was another CodeNewbie ATX Community Coding Meetup. These are always a good time, because everyone gets a chance to share what they’re working on and code in a comfortable, friendlly environment.

Today, though, a couple of us did something a little different. Today we decided to start our first collaborative project! . One of our other members wanted to build a web app for the game Rummikub as a Rails API serving json views to a JS front end. It’s going to be a fun challenge.

We started by discussing the rules, then ran into our first ‘pairing’ challenge when it came time to start planning the app: His first instinct was to start from the User Experience, describing the process of starting a new game. However, for me, it made sense to suss out the game mechanics, and therefore the object design, first. After some discussion, we have decided to flesh out the game as a bare-bones command line game in order to experiment with that design model, and then adapt the results to rails.

I’ll be documenting the process here as much as I can. You know, in between all the other projects…

Written on January 23, 2016