Git Subprojects

11:12 - I’m very OCD about how I organize things. It’s actually a problem sometimes because I’m always trying to build a better mousetrap as it were. Such was the case with my git repositories. For each little project in The Odin Projec, I made a little repository. This seemed dumb (it might not be), so I made a new repository in the root folder and deleted all the little repositories in hopes that I could just continually update all these little projects within the context of the larger one.

So that’s how I accidentally stumbled upon the concept of subprojects in Github. My main repo is now peppered with little subprojects, the repositories for which no longer exist. The folders themselves do, but not the repos. So now my litte projects do not update within the context of the larger one, and do not currently have their own little repos any longer either.

O.o I get the feeling that fixing this problem will be tedious but informative. Welcome to my stupid mistake.

UPDATE 8/19 Yeah I just pulled files out of subdirectories. Seemed like the most expedient way of dealing with the problem.

Written on August 18, 2015