11:00 - It’s been a few weeks… So here’s what I’ve been doing!

At the end of March I was accepted to a mentoring program through the company moove-it, which is opening an office here in Austin. The program is called Mastering Ruby, and the intent is to replicate their onboarding process by training junior level developers in Ruby on Rails and the company’s workflow and ultimately to join the development team they are building here.

This is week 3. The first week started with some short Ruby-centric exercises to both asses our code and to acclimate us to the version-control workflow in use here (They use Gerrit for code review, it’s cool but certainly introduces more of a learning curve than standard GitHub pull requests.)

Week 2 started us in earnest, building out an implementation of the classic Battleship board game as a Rails application. Given it is supposed to be an exercise, some of the complexity has been stripped away (it is a one-person game against a randomly generated board with limited shots available, rather than a two-person game where players take turns shooting at ships they placed themselves.)

It’s a lot like being right out of college again: I was learning at a decent clip before, but now… it’s like hourly I find myself Googling something new, watching my test suite catch my bugs; it’s fun.

Written on April 19, 2016