Portfolio Goals

15:10 - I printed my new #PassionPlanner last week, and decided my first big project was going to be to focus on building a good, focused, and varied portfolio.

Here’s the road map:

  1. Finish coursework for both BerkeleyX Engineering Software as a Science courses.

  2. Build at least one custom application, leveraging one external API, and having an API of its own. (This could be one app, or several).

  3. Make at least one contribution to an existing open source project.

  4. Try out the MEAN stack.

  5. Finish the Odin Project, and consequently, the portfolio portion of this Jekyll site.

  6. Write and build a web tutorial or conference presentation.

Ideally, I’d love to have done all of this by the end of March. I think the order is good, and a lot of these are the sorts of things I am consistently advised to show to potential employers. I would also like to throw some functional programming in the mix, but I’m not sure where yet… maybe as my presentation, sort of a “what else is out there?” project.

Wish me luck!

Written on December 17, 2015