Rails Rails Rails

17:58 - It’s been just over one month since my last post. Since then I’ve tackled Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial, though I feel like I only skimmed the surface of the material provided there. Thankfully, The Odin Project uses it as a basis for their instruction, so I now have the chance to go back and chew a little more. To expand further on it, I’ve decided to try rewriting the tests in RSpec and Cucumber, and possibly even convert some of the ERB to HAML. For funsies.

I hope to be through this portion and caught up with Berkeley’s edx course (I had to pause for the RT) by the time ESaaS pt 2. comes out in January.

On the networking front, I feel like I’m constantly tweaking my resume and attending meetups and mixers trying to make those valuable connections in the community. Code Newbie continues to be a wonderful environment for me to relax with my fellow learners. Women Who Code is also full of fantastic opportunities to grow and connect.

I’m feeling a little scattered though, and I think this post reflects that. I’m constantly plagued with the notion that I’m trying to bite off too much at once, and finding focus in a massive world of possibility is a daunting task. Every day is

“…but what about functional programming!?”

“…but what about Javascript?!”

“…what is devOps?!”

“…how about UX?”


Written on December 10, 2015