Started the Odin Project

12:53 - I started using The Odin Project on Monday, July 27th.

It is now Thursday, July 30th and I have done a little bit of work every day to work through the materials. I got through HTML and CSS on Monday and Tuesday, and yesterday started on Javascript and today am working in jQuery.

I wanted to start this journal to remind myself that, while day-to-day progress can seem slow, each day is just a step on the journey from sucking to being sort of good and eventually to being employable.

Maybe I’ll put on my TODO to make this journal updatable from the command line. Or something. For now, textmate is fine.

GOAL: Get into Back End Programming Basics

13:44 - This goal may not be possible. See “etch-a-sketch”. This is gonna be good. head->desk.

EOD: Ermahgerd etch-a-sketch complete. That wasn’t so bad. Though I should try the two modifications they pointed out…

Written on July 30, 2015